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Magnetic Engine Sound Pad -Lined Top Stitch

Magnetic Engine Sound Pad -Lined Top Stitch


NEW! Now installed without glue.  Pad uses powerfull neodynium magnets that firmly hold it in place, while still allowing the pad to be removed or repositioned.  While it's a tight squeeze, this pad can be installed without dropping the motor!


Tidy up your engine compartment while improving your car's cabin noise with our engine sound pad. With a foam pad interior lining, reinforced edging and a top with a simple straight line pattern, for those looking for a simpler design.  Sonderwerks upholstery delivers again with a new twist on an old theme that improves on the factory design.  It's not only built to last, but looks great while doing it.

Stitch Color
  • Fitment

    Fits 911, 912, 964, 993 models built from 1965 - 1998

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