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Seat Reuphostery

Seat Reuphostery


There's an art to what we do at Sonderwerks. Classic Porsche owners shouldn't trust their prized possessions to just any upholsterer.  There's a reason why even Porsche dealerships send their upholstery clients to Sonderwerks.


The Sonderwerks upholstery team specializies in 911 and 928 variants and are here to guide you through the process of helping you create the perfect combination of patters, colors and textures.


We can provide simple packing and shipping instructions that make it easy for Sonderwerks to recover your seats without having to ship us your entire car. 


For local clients or those simply looking for a reason to visit our Porsche shop, we'll even install your newly reupholstered seats for FREE with your visit!


Available options: We'll guide you through the selection process choosing from the finest materials available. 


Your seat upholstery includes the following material options.


  • Houndstooth (Pepita)
  • Alcantara
  • Tartans and plaids
  • Embossed & Woven leathers
  • Other Leather variants
  • Original Porsche leather color matching 


To get started, please send us an email to and the subject line Seat Upholstery.


Please include both interior and exterior pictures . If you already know what your looking for, great! Want your initials mongogrammed in the headrest in a really cool contrast stitching? Cool, we can do that. Be as specific as you can and we'll be in touch within 24 hours.


If you have more questions than answers at this stage, that's fine too. 

Include as much information as you can, along with a budget you may have in mind and we'll be back in touch.


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